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Who wants to fingerpaint?
Who wants a stylus?

Grafos is a drawing app that provides you with a virtual stylus so you don't have to carry around a stylus along with your iPad nor limit yourself to finger paint.

Providing you with a virtual stylus goes well beyond pure convenience. The virtual stylus is a powerful art tool unlike a any art tool you have use before. Unleash your creativity by mastering all the qualities of a drawing tool that embraces the true nature of the the iPad interface, a device that is meant to be touched with multiple fingers.

Move your drawing board with one finger. Move your virtual stylus with two fingers and use a third finger to draw. Rotate your stylus, adjust transparency and change the width of the brush on the fly, all while drawing your lines. The virtual stylus has capabilities that go well beyond those of a phisical stylus or a single finger.

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Reveal a world of color

Reveal the color picker by dragging from the tip of the virtual stylus with a single finger. Change the hue, saturation and brightness of your color or transform the virtual stylus into an eraser, all by dragging your finger on the color picker. Changing colors, transparency and tones on a drawing app has never been faster.